Best and Worst MC songs?

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Best and Worst MC songs?

Postby BootyliciousJosh » 02 Jun 2011, 05:28

Out of ALLthe songs Mariah has done, in your opinion what do you think is her best and worst songs?

Worst: Did I Do That? (Rainbow), Loverboy (Glitter)[I like the song but it's def her weakest single ever] and there's a few lyrics I really cannot stand on Memoirs but I do like the album still.
Best: Breakdown, The Roof, Lead the Way and Hate U.
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Re: Best and Worst MC songs?

Postby eamus » 02 Jun 2011, 13:21

Worst: How Much (really really can't stand this song), The Impossible.

Best: Prisoner, Fly Like a Bird, Cant Take That Away
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Re: Best and Worst MC songs?

Postby Alec » 07 Jun 2011, 22:18

I don't have ALL of her songs, but I do have quite most of them. I do like Mariah's songs from Mariah Carey (album) to Charmbracelet, and few bits from EMOM and E=MC².

Worst: completely agree with Josh!
Best song: Close My Eyes, Whenever You Call
Best single: Through the Rain, Forever
Best duet: One Sweet Day (ft. Boyz II Men)
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Re: Best and Worst MC songs?

Postby venus_spice » 18 Oct 2011, 06:54

worst song: how much, the impossible,
best song: butterfly (mariah at her peak), hero
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Re: Best and Worst MC songs?

Postby VideoGameSpice » 31 Oct 2011, 09:29

Ewwww Did I Do That was terrible. I get flashbacks of Steve Urkle from Family Matters going "did iiiiiiiiiii do thaaaaaaaaaat?" everytime i hear it. Also Petals from Rainbow was terrible, sounds like it's about incest, and most tracks of Glitter.

I'm not a big fan but i like Heartbreaker, Can't Take That Away, Touch My Body.

Yeah, Rainbow was hit and miss.

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